All You Need is Ecuador.

I spent a few days researching digital campaigns, hoping to find one that aligned with my interests in either fashion or my love of animals, but none of the campaigns I found resonated with me.  Once I was on the verge of giving up, I had a moment of clarity.  I didn’t need to find a digital campaign because I already knew of one that spoke volumes to me: All You Need is Ecuador.

Yearning, that’s the adjective I’d used to describe what this campaign evokes in, perhaps, many individuals.  The campaign utilizes the beautiful and dynamic scenery that envelopes this small, yet magnificent country, while simultaneously playing an acoustic rendition of a widely- acclaimed Beatles song, “All You Need is Love”.

Speaking as someone who has traveled to Ecuador, the campaign made me miss a home I never got to fully know.  As I was researching this, I came across a YouTube comment from a native Ecuadorian who posted: “Es muy interesante, el video me hace querer viajar a mi misma dentro del pais…”, which roughly translated states: “it’s really interesting how this video made me want to travel within my own country…”.

The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador launched this campaign in order to publicize the spectacular attractions of the country and boost tourism, which accounts for a large portion of income.  The audience specifically targeted were those who sought adventure, escape, discovery, and new memories.  The overall message behind this campaign is that Ecuador is filled with diverse terrain, climates and people, allowing you to get away from the mundane and get in touch with yourself through the experiences you create.

Launched in 2014, this international campaign saw much success due to its strong digital media presence.  Various mediums, such as social media platforms, television, billboards, and  e-publicity were utilized to position Ecuador on an international level.  During the 2015 Super Bowl broadcast, Ecuador became the first foreign country to buy a thirty-second commercial to promote tourism.  The hashtag #AllYouNeedIs became a global trend and generated a vast amount of digital interaction.  Eventually, the full hashtag, #AllYouNeedIsEcuador, became a trending topic in seven countries.

Through the use of imagery and emotional appeal, the campaign was able to strike a chord in the hearts of adventure seekers.  Despite having visited the country a few times in my life, when I view one of these ads or scroll through its Instagram page, I come to the realization that I have yet explored what this country has to offer.  The campaign makes me want to take an adventure down to Ecuador and hopefully one day soon, I’ll get to say I did again.  As its tagline states: “Like nowhere else, all in one place, and so close”, all I need is Ecuador.




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